LinkIn Datahub Metadata Ingestion Scripts Unofficical Guide

  1. Python 3.7 Environment
    Only `requirements.txt` under `mce-cli` has highligted we should use Python 3.7 for `mce-cli` script. I have to modify all scripts under `metadata-ingestion` to be compatable with Python 3.7.
    The easiest way having a Python 3.7 in my macOS is using [Anaconda](
{‘auditHeader’: None, ‘proposedSnapshot’: (‘com.linkedin.pegasus2avro.metadata.snapshot.DatasetSnapshot’, {‘urn’: ‘urn:li:dataset:(urn:li:dataPlatform:mysql,datahub.metadata_aspect,PROD)’, ‘aspects’: [{‘owners’: [{‘owner’: ‘urn:li:corpuser:datahub’, ‘type’: ‘DATAOWNER’}], ‘lastModified’: {‘time’: 0, ‘actor’: ‘urn:li:corpuser:datahub’}}, {‘schemaName’: ‘datahub.metadata_aspect’, ‘platform’: ‘urn:li:dataPlatform:mysql’, ‘version’: 10, ‘created’: {‘time’: 1587320913, ‘actor’: ‘urn:li:corpuser:datahub’}, ‘lastModified’: {‘time’: 1587320913, ‘actor’: ‘urn:li:corpuser:datahub’}, ‘hash’: ‘’, ‘platformSchema’: {‘tableSchema’: “[(‘urn’, ‘varchar(500)’, ‘NO’, ‘PRI’, None, ‘’), (‘aspect’, ‘varchar(200)’, ‘NO’, ‘PRI’, None, ‘’), (‘version’, ‘bigint(20)’, ‘NO’, ‘PRI’, None, ‘’), (‘metadata’, ‘longtext’, ‘NO’, ‘’, None, ‘’), (‘createdon’, ‘datetime(6)’, ‘NO’, ‘’, None, ‘’), (‘createdby’, ‘varchar(255)’, ‘NO’, ‘’, None, ‘’), (‘createdfor’, ‘varchar(255)’, ‘YES’, ‘’, None, ‘’)]”}, ‘fields’: [{‘fieldPath’: ‘urn’, ‘nativeDataType’: ‘varchar(500)’, ‘type’: {‘type’: {‘com.linkedin.pegasus2avro.schema.StringType’: {}}}}, {‘fieldPath’: ‘aspect’, ‘nativeDataType’: ‘varchar(200)’, ‘type’: {‘type’: {‘com.linkedin.pegasus2avro.schema.StringType’: {}}}}, {‘fieldPath’: ‘version’, ‘nativeDataType’: ‘bigint(20)’, ‘type’: {‘type’: {‘com.linkedin.pegasus2avro.schema.StringType’: {}}}}, {‘fieldPath’: ‘metadata’, ‘nativeDataType’: ‘longtext’, ‘type’: {‘type’: {‘com.linkedin.pegasus2avro.schema.StringType’: {}}}}, {‘fieldPath’: ‘createdon’, ‘nativeDataType’: ‘datetime(6)’, ‘type’: {‘type’: {‘com.linkedin.pegasus2avro.schema.StringType’: {}}}}, {‘fieldPath’: ‘createdby’, ‘nativeDataType’: ‘varchar(255)’, ‘type’: {‘type’: {‘com.linkedin.pegasus2avro.schema.StringType’: {}}}}, {‘fieldPath’: ‘createdfor’, ‘nativeDataType’: ‘varchar(255)’, ‘type’: {‘type’: {‘com.linkedin.pegasus2avro.schema.StringType’: {}}}}]}]}), ‘proposedDelta’: None} has been successfully produced!




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